Employees on Diversity

    Thu, 02/09/2012 - 22:15

    When it comes to diversity, we don't just talk the talk. To us, diversity is a no-brainer. You don't only see it in our policy manual. You see it in our people.

    Henry Morris, Partner at Arent Fox LLP

    Henry Morris

    “I decided early in the process of selecting a firm that what differentiated firms the most for me was the sense of comfort they projected. I was looking for a firm where I could be myself, where I could grow both personally and professionally, where I would receive encouragement and support in my efforts and where I would feel comfortable.

    From my first on-campus interview for that summer associate's position, that firm was Arent Fox. That initial perception brought me to the firm, and its validation has kept me here for 22 years.”

    Jennifer Donohue, Partner at Arent Fox LLP

    Jennifer Donohue

    “Arent Fox has allowed me the opportunity to grow tremendously both as an individual and as a professional. As a young attorney, I was given an enormous amount of responsibility and client contact very early on in my career; I worked directly with and even visited clients within my first few months of practicing law. You do not often hear of things like that happening at other large firms, but it is common practice here.

    I enjoy working at Arent Fox because I am treated with respect, in the sense that I have the freedom and flexibility to forge my own path and develop my own career niche. It is also important to me that outside interests and hobbies are valued and even encouraged. In fact, the firm recently hosted an art exhibit displaying our own employees' works.

    Law firms do not exactly have the reputation for being great places to work, but Arent Fox is truly unique. People here are down to earth and real. When I attended law school, I did not envision myself working and thriving at a large firm, but Arent Fox has proved to be a great fit.”

    Marc Fleischaker, Chairman Emeritus at Arent Fox LLP

    Marc Fleischaker
    Chairman Emeritus

    “Diversity is a core value at Arent Fox. We have significantly more women partners than the average AmLaw 200 firm, and half of our associates are women. We have more racial and ethnic minorities than most law firms, but understand that we should have more, and have instituted outreach for laterals and a diversity scholarship for law students in an effort to increase the number of minorities at all levels of the firm. We have many gay and lesbian lawyers, and they are at all levels of the partnership. We are also diverse in other ways: religiously, politically and in our backgrounds. We believe that this diversity makes us a stronger firm; we celebrate it; and we work hard to maintain and increase it.”