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    Kay Georgi to speak at 8th Annual New York Forum on Economic Sanctions

    International Trade practice group leader Kay Georgi will co-chair and speak at the 8th Annual New York Forum on Economic Sanctions. The forum is hosted on December 5–6 , 2017 in New York City and will present the most significant developments in international economic sanctions and their enforcement and compliance. Kay Georgi will  present during a session titled “Russia Deep Dive: How Expanding Sanctions and Potential Changes under the CRIEEA Are Affecting Existing and Future Transactions.” Ms. Georgi and her co-presenters will explore, “recent developments post signing of the Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act; potential expansion of sectoral sanctions for finance, energy and defense sectors; expansion to targeted sectors including state-owned entities in railway, metals and mining; update[s] on EU response to new US sanctions against Russia/Ukraine; and how to stay current on the old 50% rule and the new 33% rule in Directive 4 with ever-changing company ownership.” To learn more about the conference or to register, click here