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    Maidie Oliveau to Speak at the 2012 United States Olympic Committee NGB Best Practices Seminar

    Topics Covered:

    • How can I avoid an arbitration?
    • What is the cost and who has to pay?
    • How are arbitrations administered by the AAA?
    • Who are the arbitrators, and what qualifies them as experts?
    • How do I get a fair hearing?
    • How important are witnesses, and how do I get them to best support my position?
    • Is having an attorney necessary, or can I represent the NGB and save the money?
    • What do arbitrators base their decisions on?
    • What is the USOC Ombudsman’s role?

    It is the desire of the Panel to make this an interactive session. Thus, in addition to the topics covered, participants will be invited to submit questions for discussion by the Panel members.

    Gary Johansen, USOC Associate General Counsel, NGB Governance and Athlete Affairs

    Maidie Oliveau, Esquire, Arent Fox LLP, Arbitrator: AAA and CAS
    Jen Nilmeier, Manager, ADR Services, American
    Arbitration Association
    Sara Clark, USOC Athlete Ombudsman Specialist