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    Medical Staff Leaders and the Law 2018: Costa Mesa

    Medical Staff Leaders

    Please join Arent Fox in Costa Mesa for our seventh annual Medical Staff Leaders and the Law Conference. This full day conference is designed to equip your medical staff team with the most current skills, tools, and information to navigate challenging issues and provide effective leadership.

    What will this year’s conference cover? As always we will provide up-to-the-minute legal updates, our popular case studies, and useful presentations on recent trends in medical staff law.

    Planned Sessions Include:

    • The plague of whistleblower retaliation claims and lawsuits: How to prepare for them, how to respond when they arise, and what the courts are saying about them right now.
    • Investigations: The Why’s, How’s, and What-Did-I-Get-Into’s. 
    • A Challenge for Our Times: When Your Facility's Disruptive Behavior Problem is Sexual Harassment
    • How Medical Staffs Should Approach Such High-Technology Wonders as Social Media, Texting and Telemedicine. 
    • The Future of the Affordable Care Act: Our annual breakdown of Congressional action on the future of the Affordable Care Act, with Stanford’s always-popular Dr. Lanhee Chen presenting and answering your questions.
    • How to Effectively Handle Hearings and How They Have Changed Over the Years. 

    Who Should Attend: 

    • In-House Legal Counsel
    • Chief Medical Officers
    • Chiefs of Staff
    • Medical Executive Committee Members
    • Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officers
    • Medical Staff Professionals
    • Others Involved in Medical Staff, Medical Group, and Physician Organization Activities

    Arent Fox is an accredited CLE Provider in California. Applied for 6.5 hours of CLE, NAMSS, and CME credit.


    • Lowell Brown, Partner, Arent Fox
    • Debra Albin-Riley, Partner, Arent Fox
    • Thomas Jeffry, Partner, Arent Fox
    • Mark Phillips, Partner, Arent Fox
    • Sarah Benator, Counsel, Arent Fox
    • Lanhee Chen, Counsel, Arent Fox
    • Susanna Hathaway Murphy, Counsel, Arent Fox
    • Steven Schnier, Counsel, Arent Fox
    • Diane Roldán, Associate, Arent Fox
    • Louisa Kirakosian, Attorney, Arent Fox

    Additional speakers to be announced at a later date.