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    Senator Byron Dorgan, Representative Phil English, and Jon Bouker Participate in Post-Election Panel at Independent Sector's Annual Conference

    Arent Fox Government Relations practice group leader Jon Bouker moderated a panel session at Independent Sector's "New Frontiers" Conference in Washington, DC. Panelists included Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor Senator Byron Dorgan and Senior Government Relations Advisor Representative Philip English in addition to author Thomas Frank. The panel focused on a post-election analysis of the political and policy landscape. Jon posed several thought-provoking questions to the panel, including their take on what the country can do to bring itself back together and what role the members of Independent Sector can play in unifying the country. Independent Sector is a national nonpartisan coalition of nonprofits, foundations, and corporations committed to advancing the common good. The Independent Sector Conference convenes over a thousand charitable leaders from around the country to drive momentum for the charitable community, set the sector's agenda for the coming year, and develop strategies for success. 

    Click here to learn more about the conference.