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    Webinar: Anxious About Where the NAFTA Talks Will Lead?

    This Arent Fox webinar will serve to best prepare company executives in these turbulent times.

    • Where are we in the renegotiations? What may be next?
    • Likely timetable for implementation and recommendations on minimizing consequences
    • Priorities and negotiating positions of the three parties – what may stick and what might give
    • Will the US pull out and what does that mean going forward?
    • Fall out if negotiations fail – use of existing authority to change the NAFTA
    • Enforcement trends – what you should be doing now with your NAFTA program, whether renegotiations succeed or fail

    Negotiators are hurrying against the political clock to conclude formal NAFTA renegotiations. The first round was held in DC on August 16–21 and the second round in Mexico City was held September 1–5. Timelines are tight. Leaders want an end to the work by December.

    These talks break new ground – this will be the first time the United States has opted to re-open an existing trade agreement.

    Various scenarios abound of where these talks are heading, substantively as well as timing.

    Join David Hamill and Birgit Matthiesen of Arent Fox and Guillermo Sánchez Chao of Chevez, Ruiz, Zamarripa y Cia on September 19 from 1:00pm2:00pm EST to hear firsthand where the negotiations stand, what negotiators hope to achieve and what must happen once formal talks are concluded. David was part of the US NAFTA rules of origin committee during the original NAFTA negotiations and implementation. Birgit’s tenure at the Embassy of Canada in DC during the post NAFTA implementation period. Guillermo represents many clients on NAFTA issues, with Chambers referring to him as one of the most talented customs attorneys in Mexico. Their collective broad network of business relationships in all three countries provides them with a close perspective on these renegotiations.

    To register, click here