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    WEBINAR: Preparing for and Managing an OSHA Inspection Under its Chemical NEP

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    CLE credit is available in certain jurisdictions.

    Overview of the Chemical NEP
    Recently, OSHA announced a national emphasis program (NEP) for inspecting chemical facilities that use highly hazardous chemicals. OSHA will target chemical facilities based on four criteria: RMP Level 3 programs, certain sections of the explosive manufacturing industry, OSHA’s own database of prior PSM citations, and the OSHA Area Office’s knowledge of local facilities. Once a facility has been selected for a NEP inspection, OSHA will examine its PSM program in depth and verify its implementation.

    Webinar Topics
    This webinar will outline the goals and purpose of the Chemical NEP and will provide a realistic plan to prepare for an NEP inspection. It will review OSHA’s citation patterns from prior similar NEPs, which indicate the compliance issues which OSHA will focus on. The webinar will review OSHA’s new interpretations of the PSM standard and its aggressive use of industry standards. And it will review an employer’s rights and duties during an OSHA inspection and provide a system for managing the NEP inspection.

    Benefits of Attending the Webinar
    Participating in this webinar will assist in making your facility safer, managing the inspection and reducing your potential OSHA liability.

    Mark Dreux, a partner with Arent Fox LLP in Washington, DC, has extensive experience resolving PSM issues. Mr. Dreux has represented scores of refineries and chemical plants concerning PSM matters, defended over 110 PSM enforcement cases, served as lead counsel in 18 PSM inspections under OSHA’s National Emphasis Program for refineries, and served as lead counsel in five PSM inspections under OSHA’s pilot NEP for the chemical industry.

    Time and Dates for the Webinar
    The webinar will last approximately two hours and will be offered twice:

    • January 25th at 1:00–3:00 PM
    • January 31st at 1:00–3:00 PM