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    Head of Arent Fox IP Practice in Los Angeles, Craig Gelfound, Named a Top 25 IP Attorney in California by Daily Journal

    April 24, 2012

    LOS ANGELESCraig Gelfound, head of Arent Fox’s IP practice in Los Angeles, once again has been honored by the Daily Journal as one of the Top 25 IP Attorneys in California. Craig has been recognized not only for his extraordinary track record in successfully prosecuting and managing the domestic and global portfolios of major corporations, but also for developing an exceptional team and infrastructure to handle the tremendous growth in the Los Angeles office’s patent and trademark practice. In 2011 he added three attorneys, an IP administrator, a foreign filing specialist, two formalities specialists and a full-time docketing specialist, greatly enhancing the firm’s ability to handle its rapidly increasing IP workload.

    Qualcomm Inc., an acknowledged innovator and leader in next-generation mobile technologies, has relied on Craig to prosecute, exploit and protect its vast, complex portfolio for more than a decade.

    Grass Valley, the premier video tech solutions company, retained Craig in 2010 to oversee its entire intellectual property portfolio consisting of thousands of patents and trademarks throughout the world.

    Bridgelux, a leading light-emitting diode (LED) manufacturer, retained Craig to advise the company on its intellectual property strategy, licensing and commercial transactions.

    The inventor and patent holder of digital camera technology that has revolutionized the film industry retained Craig to negotiate licenses with such household names as Sony, Panasonic, Thomson, Canon, Nikon, Hitachi, Pentax and more.

    Craig graduated with a JD magna cum laude from Southwestern University, and he has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from San Diego State University. He brought considerable experience in telecommunications and technology to his practice having designed signal processors for military radar applications when he worked for a major telecommunications company. He also served as project manager for one of the largest air traffic control radar contracts with the United States Air Force early in his career.