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FCC Approves $1 Billion to Facilitate Precision Agriculture

Task Force Approves Reports Addressing Mapping, Connectivity Demand, and Connected Farm Employment

FCC Confirms At Least $1 Billion to be Made Available for Precision Agriculture

As part of the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) efforts to support “precision agriculture” technologies and issues, the agency yesterday confirmed that at least $1 billion will be made available to specifically target the deployment of technologically innovative 5G networks that facilitate precision agriculture.  These funds will be available in “Phase II” of the FCC’s 5G Fund, the general goal of which is to bring 5G wireless broadband connectivity to rural America.  The Public Notice announcing the adoption of the Order allocating these funds can be accessed here.

Adoption of Precision Agriculture Connectivity Task Force Reports

In addition, today, FCC’s “Precision Agriculture Connectivity Task Force” adopted reports from the following working groups:

  • Mapping and Analyzing Connectivity on Agricultural Lands
  • Examining Current and Future Connectivity Demand for Precision Agriculture
  • Encouraging Adoption of Precision Agriculture and Availability of High-Quality Jobs on Connected Farms

The Video of today’s Task Force meeting can be accessed here.

The Task Force members, identified here, include representatives from working farms, agricultural associations and technology manufacturers, universities, utilities, Native American groups, and the telecom industry.

Arent Fox’s Agricultural Technology group will continue to monitor this issue. If you would like to view the full text of the FCC’s Order adopting the $1 billion for precision agriculture or obtain access to the Task Force Reports, or if you have any other questions regarding the FCC’s substantial activity in support of precision agriculture, please contact Jeffrey E. RummelKaren Ellis Carr, or the Arent Fox professional who usually handles your matters.


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