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Anthony V. Lupo, Sarah Alberstein
Fashion brand, Thom Browne, has taken its trademark battle with Adidas overseas, urging a London court to cancel more than 20 of Adidas’s U.K. trademarks for its three-stripe design. This suit is part of an ongoing dispute between the brands that has spanned the globe for more than three years.
Anthony V. Lupo, Matthew R. Mills, Eva J. Pulliam, Sarah Alberstein, Dan Jasnow
The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has ordered Kanye West’s Yeezy brand to pay $950,000 to settle a class action lawsuit claiming that the brand’s delayed shipping, and lack of notice thereof, is a violation of California’s 30-day shipping rules.
Lynn R. Fiorentino, Anthony V. Lupo, Brian P. Waldman, Dan Jasnow, Tenese L. Lockhart
Many of us are familiar with the triangular “chasing arrows” recycling symbol that can be found on products and packaging
Angela M. Santos, Christine E. Hintze
Brands Must Ensure Forced Labor is Not Used and Environmental Claims are Accurate
Anthony V. Lupo, Danielle W. Bulger, Sarah Alberstein
The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit recently affirmed a decision by the District Court for the Southern District of New York, finding that refurbished antique watches retaining an original manufacturer’s trademark and sold by a third-party defendant were not infringing.
Anthony V. Lupo, Pamela M. Deese, Matthew R. Mills, Eva J. Pulliam, Dan Jasnow
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on October 13, 2021, warned 700 major consumer products companies and national advertisers that any future violations of the FTC’s endorsement and testimonial guidance could result in civil fines of up to $43,792 per incident. While the notices do not allege a
Anthony V. Lupo
The renowned theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku joins Fox Forum to discuss immortality, time travel, whether we are living in a simulation, string theory, when AI and the robots will take over, and the inventions that could change our lives.
Anthony V. Lupo, B. Thorne Maginnis, Sarah Alberstein
A federal district court judge recently refused to dismiss a trademark infringement claim against an influencer engaged by Rodan & Fields to promote one of its new cosmetic products. Notably, the infringement claim targets the influencer’s use of the brand’s allegedly infringing mark.
James Williams
The sharp increase in deal volume and consumer demand, coupled with an uncertain regulatory future and the lack of a developed market framework for dealmaking all combine to create a potent risk/reward cocktail for brands and sports teams looking to launch NFT programs.
Anthony V. Lupo, Wesley T. Gee, Megan A. Rzonca
On August 2, 2021, the Italian fashion brand Liu Jo filed a lawsuit in the Southern District of New York against model Kendall Jenner for $1.8 million, alleging that Jenner breached the terms of her modeling agreement by failing to reschedule a photoshoot that was postponed due to COVID-19 travel re
Anthony V. Lupo, Dan Jasnow
The fashion industry is known for taking creative risks, so it is understandable that the industry is taking its next steps—literally—out of this world. Big name labels and innovative fashion start-ups are setting their sights on the so-called “Metaverse,” a persistent, digital universe that transce
Lynn R. Fiorentino, Debra Albin-Riley, Brian P. Waldman, Robert G. Edwards, Ph.D.
Prop 65 Counsel: What To Know
Anthony V. Lupo, Eva J. Pulliam, Sarah Alberstein
BIPA, the frequently used basis for class action lawsuits in connection with facial recognition, fingerprint, and other technologies is once again serving as the basis for two recently filed suits.
Berin S. Romagnolo, Nancy A. Noonan
Certain foreign entrepreneurs can now enter the US under the re-launched International Entrepreneur Rule to pursue and build new business opportunities in the United States.
Berin S. Romagnolo, Nancy A. Noonan
Due to COVID-19, the interview waiver process has been implemented more broadly at consular posts around the world and the requirements to qualify have been expanded.
Anthony V. Lupo
In this video episode of Fashion Counsel, Arent Fox Fashion & Retail Leader Anthony V. Lupo sits down with CFDA Award-winning and LVMH Prize semi-finalist Christopher John Rogers to discuss how COVID impacted his designs, styling celebrities, and his most recent award recognition.
Anthony V. Lupo
In this video episode of Fashion Counsel, Arent Fox Fashion & Retail Leader Anthony V. Lupo sits down with CFDA Award-winning and LVMH Prize semi-finalist Christopher John Rogers to discuss his background, how he became the designer he is today, and what inspires him.
Anthony V. Lupo, Ricardo Fischer, Amy (Salomon) McFarland, Sarah Alberstein
After much media hype, Nike Inc. has settled a trademark dispute with the artist collective, MSCHF Product Studio, Inc., over claims that MSCHF deceived consumers into believing that Nike is affiliated with the collective’s “Satan Shoes.”
Anthony V. Lupo, Dan Jasnow, Sarah Alberstein
In an attempt to align with their clients' values, fashion companies have tried to manufacture and produce clothing that is ethically made and sustainable.
Jay L. Halpern, Dan Jasnow
With so much uncertainty, many brands are opting for a wait-and-see approach to social media advertising, though the approaches differ considerably from platform to platform.
Angela M. Santos, Robert J. Ernest, David R. Hamill
Companies in the fashion, luxury, and agricultural spaces should take action in response to the forced labor supply chain due diligence requirements.
Berin S. Romagnolo, Nancy A. Noonan
It’s that time of year again where employers have to decide who they are sponsoring for an H-1B visa.
Arent Fox LLP is proud to announce that Partner Anthony V. Lupo has been selected as the fourth Chair in the firm’s 79-year history. A go-to business advisor, Anthony advises some of the world’s top companies in the entertainment, retail, and technology industries.
Arent Fox has secured an important win for a major retail tenant in one of the many commercial lease disputes being litigated in courts nationwide in the wake of the retail apocalypse brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.
Valerie C. Samuels, Lauren C. Schaefer
Both practical and legal issues will need to be resolved, but as of today, the EEOC has signaled that mandatory COVID vaccinations are lawful for the vast majority of employees.