Apple and Android Win the Safety Vote

Let’s have the “technical” pros handle this.

Automakers aren't necessarily the best at deciding what to install in their vehicles, according to a recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. "What we've been studying for the last three or four years is the explosion to technology in the vehicle — hundreds of buttons, touch screens, gesture controls, heads-up displays, voice commands," said David Strayer, the author of the study. "Our concern is that in many cases the driver will assume that if it's put in the vehicle, and it's enabled to be used while the vehicle's in motion, then it must be safe. That's just simply not true." Strayer found that Apple's CarPlay and Google's Android Auto shaved seconds that could prove crucial from the time a driver was distracted when compared to the "infotainment" the car came with. It goes to show, less (time) is more (safe).

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