Brian Ronholm Speaks to American Scholar about Chinese Poultry Imports

Arent Fox senior director of regulatory policy Brian Ronholm spoke to the American Scholar about Chinese poultry imports to the United States in an article titled, “Here’s the Beef with Chicken from China.”

The article was published on December 4, 2017 and explored the recent importation of cooked chicken from China into the United States. The article also discussed the larger context in which the landmark importation occurred. Currently, China only can export cooked chicken, which cannot originate in China, but must come from Chile, Canada or the US. As to why this peculiar arrangement is in effect, Brian asserted, “No one really believes anyone would use that system.” Instead, he explained that the one shipment that occurred under this arrangement represented “the U.S. government’s demonstration of good faith” as it, according to the article “prepares to permit what the Chinese are ultimately seeking... the freedom to export to the United States chicken raised, slaughtered, and processed in China” To read the article in full, click here


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