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Examining Cases of Scientists Wrongly Accused of Spying for China

Partner Peter Zeidenberg joined The Heat to discuss the cases of his clients Xi Xiaoxing and Sherry Chen with CCTV.

Both Chinese-American scientists were arrested by federal agents and accused of spying for China, charges that were eventually dropped. The Heat also shares interviews with Sherry Chen, who describes the trauma of being taken into custody.

“Dots that should not have been connected were connected, and square pegs were forced into round holes, despite the fact that nothing added up, nothing made sense. If you stood back and looked at the whole picture, there was nothing there,” Peter said. “And yet in both cases, although the government thankfully dropped them before they went to trial, both of these people were arrested and handcuffed.”

Peter also discusses the fallout both scientists unnecessarily suffered in their careers and the trend of targeting of Asian Americans in major scientific roles by the US government.

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