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Key sports law cases of 2017 - USA

In 2017, the sports industry faced disruption and worked to adapt to its new realities, which spanned sponsorships, gambling, the Olympics, social movements, amateurism, financing, and more.

Central to this disruption were new technologies that have fundamentally changed the sports experience, and 2018 promises to be equally as dynamic.

Sports practice group leader Rich Brand recently shared his industry insights with LawinSport, discussing the biggest sports law issue of 2017 and the trends he sees as some of the major forces in the industry in 2018.

“In 2017, media rights and the booming age of digital sports broadcast distribution was the dominant topic in sports law," Rich said. "The immediacy, accessibility, and price-sensitivity of over-the-top (OTT) streaming introduced uncertainty, change, and opportunity that cemented its role in the sports media market.”

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“US sports law is at a crossroads with several other industries and expanding areas – gaming, gambling, and sponsorships and naming rights to name a few – each of which will be key issues to watch in 2018,” Rich noted.

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