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Sen. Byron Dorgan and Pamela Deese Featured in Forbes Article on How to Prepare for Presidential Tweets and Internet Threats

An article published March 15 in Forbes discussed two recent roundtable conversations addressing the threat of tweets and internet crisis with Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor Senator Byron Dorgan and IP Partner Pamela Deese.

The article focused on how general counsels and their communications colleagues could prepare before their organization becomes the target of a tweet from President Trump.

Sen. Dorgan observed that companies find themselves in a precarious position of evaluating whether to share the presidential limelight or become the subject of a Trump tweet, either of which has the potential for immediate declines in stock prices and the loss of hundreds of millions in market capitalization.

Ms. Deese suggested that companies develop with their general counsels appropriate crisis and recovery plans in preparation for the inevitable crisis that can come from tweets, online harassments, and cyber threats in advance.  Having a strategic framework in place, she noted, may allow for mitigation of a crisis and related damages.

The full article can be read here.


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