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Senator Byron Dorgan Talks Health Care and Tax Reform on Fox Business

Former Senator Byron Dorgan, an Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor, appeared on Fox Business Network’s “Countdown to Closing Bell,” where he was joined by former Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH).

The show’s host, Liz Claman, asked the Senators for their thoughts on a range of issues including health care, tax reform, and infrastructure. On health care, Senator Dorgan commented that there appears to be little bipartisan work so far, as evidenced in the House. He went on to say that Senate Democrats would be willing to work with the president to improve health care legislation, but so far repeal and replace efforts stand to potentially leave 20-25 million people without health insurance. If important provisions such as the pre-existing condition guarantee and other protections are stripped out of a bill, Democrats would prefer to have a fresh start at health care reform.

The Senators were also asked about a timeline for tax reform. Senator Dorgan replied that the process won’t be quick and that it requires both parties to work together.  Dorgan felt that tax cuts by the end of the year were likely, but that actual tax reform would be a much more difficult process. Senator Gregg pointed out that because the GOP has the majority, tax reform is doable by the end of the year, though it would be regrettable to pass legislation in a strictly partisan way. In contrast, Gregg thought that passing health care reform without Democrats participating would be much more difficult.

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