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Senator Dorgan Discusses President Trump’s Proposed Travel Ban in CNBC Op-Ed

Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor Senator Byron Dorgan weighed in on Trump’s travel ban in an op-ed for CNBC. The article focused specifically on international tourism and the adverse effects the travel ban has on jobs and America’s image to outside travelers.
Senator Dorgan argues that, “President Trump's relentless message about creating new jobs in the US is at odds with the message that is coming from his proposed travel ban. International travel and tourism to the US is a powerful job generator for our economy.” International travel not only bolsters US jobs, but also promotes America, a point that President Trump also made clear during his campaign and continues to drive through in his rhetoric. 
Senator Dorgan notes that in the current climate, international arrivals still need to be vetted thoroughly to ensure the safety and security of the country. “But at the same time there are important reasons we should be encouraging travel to the United States by citizens of other countries who want to see America. The opportunity for others to learn about our people and our country is another important way to make us more secure,” he adds.
Senator Dorgan concludes, “Who we are, where we've been, and what we have done for the rest of the world comes from our values and our commitment to democracy, freedom, and justice. I want everyone in the world to see America through the opportunity and the experience of international travel.”

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