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Senator Dorgan Discusses Tax Reform on CNBC

Tax reform is a largely debated item on the agenda of both the White House and Congress this year. Former Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) spoke to CNBC’s Closing Bell on the topic on September 21.

The Senator, now a senior policy advisor for Arent Fox’s Government Relations practice, played a pivotal role in the last overhaul of America’s tax code under Republican President Ronald Reagan in 1986. Senator Dorgan pointed to the virtue of making the tax reform of 1986 revenue neutral when discussing how Congress should reform the tax code today. He also touched on the partisanship of today’s Congress as a potential roadblock to reform. He states that bipartisanship as a key component to a successful tax overhaul, citing the 1986 negotiations in which the Republican Treasury Secretary was invited to the mostly Democratic House Committee markup session. He also noted how unlikely a scenario that would be today. To watch his interview in full, click here.


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