Stephen Davis Talks St. Louis County Election Debacle with KMOX

Associate Stephen Davis, also an adjunct professor at Saint Louis University School of Law teaching election law, spoke with CBS St. Louis’ KMOX Radio after the April 5 St. Louis County elections about the potential legal issues surrounding problems at the polls and voters being turned away for lack of ballots.

As Stephen describes in the interview, voting locations ran out of paper ballots due to administrative errors, and the timing of the presidential primary left the county without electronic voting machines as a backup voting method.

Making matters more confusing, a state appellate court ordered affected polling places to remain open for an extra two hours, but by the time the court ruled, most polling places had already closed. The incident is reminiscent of the 2000 election debacle in St. Louis, where a state court inappropriately ordered polls to remain open after their statutorily-mandated closing time.

“I would expect some challenges to occur,” said Stephen. “Missouri law specifically allows for any candidates who lost by a close margin to file a petition in court for a new election if there were irregularities that occurred in the elections.”

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