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The Des Moines Register Posts Op-Ed Co-Authored by Senators Byron Dorgan and Richard Lugar

In an opinion piece published in The Des Moines Register, Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor Senator Byron Dorgan and Senator Richard Lugar comment on the success of their joint legislation that created a growing renewable fuels industry in the US, noting that it has improved American energy security and the environment. However, the recent new supply of natural gas and oil in the US and the new methods by which to extract them has changed much of the energy field since the senators introduced their energy bills and increased the sense of urgency to find ways towards a lower carbon future. The op-ed maintains that if the US continues to depend on oil, a global commodity subject to geopolitical forces beyond our control, we will put the nation’s energy security at greater risk. The senators hope that the success of the biodiesel industry as a clean fuel that can be produced domestically with a variety of abundant, renewable resources will continue in the new Trump Administration as it is a bipartisan issue that invests in the future of the country.

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