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The Huffington Post Features Op-Ed by Senator Dorgan on Relations with Cuba

In an opinion article recently published in The Huffington Post, Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor Senator Byron Dorgan comments on the choice President-elect Trump faces in normalizing or rolling back US diplomatic relations with Cuba.

Senator Dorgan maintains that the nearly 60-year US embargo against the Communist government of Cuba was a failed strategy that did not work.

He acknowledges a long history of human rights abuses by the Castro government but maintains that engagement through trade and travel as we do with China and Vietnam (both Communist countries) is the best strategy to achieving movement on human rights issues. He argues that President-elect Trump should not shut down the US’s relationship with Cuba by closing the embassy, cutting off dialogue, or restricting travel to Cuba. Progress should continue to be made to normalize relations with Cuba, in part by making travel to Cuba legal for all Americans, according to the article.

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