There’s Room on the Hamburger Bun for Cell-Cultured Meat and Politics

Food Safety News published an article written by Senior Director of Regulatory Policy Brian Ronholm discussing cell-cultured meat.

Brian noted that, considering this emerging industry is the focus of so much attention and investment, and is attempting to disrupt the status quo while incurring the ire of traditional agriculture, there is no avoiding politics in this situation.

As USDA and FDA work through this jurisdictional dilemma, Brian observed that “stakeholder groups also seem to be trying to sort out their respective issue management strategies in determining how to advocate for their positions.” While he suggests that Congressional deal-making might become part of the deliberations, Brian concludes that “we are likely years away, if ever, from witnessing the wide-spread commercialization of cell-cultured meat products. However, it behooves stakeholders to position themselves such that they can pivot accordingly as the debate progresses and shifts.”

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