USDA selects Brashears, Hutchins, and Earp for non-Senate confirmed positions

Senior Director of Regulatory Policy Brian Ronholm was quoted in Food Chemical News’ article discussing USDA non-Senate confirmed positions at USDA. The article noted experts Mindy Brashears, Naomi Earp, and Scott Hutchins, nominated by President Donald Trump for the Senate-confirmed positions at USDA, are yet to be confirmed.

When discussing the three new USDA leaders who will serve in deputy roles, rather than in “acting” capacities until confirmed Brian noted that “this is an unusual move from the standpoint that it technically circumvents the Senate confirmation process. It is a way for them to bring aboard the nominees until the Senate can confirm them. However, because the nominees have already been approved by the committee, there does not appear to be any issues of concern over their nominations; it’s also possible that they received a signal from the committee that no new concerns were forthcoming that might jeopardize the nominations.”

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