Arent Fox Political Law partner Craig Engle comments on the Supreme Court decision in McDonnell v. US in an opinion piece recently published by Law360.
The size - $14.7 billion – and speed of the Volkswagen emissions scandal settlement announced this week sent waves through the automotive industry, with the environmental case edging out recent consumer harm cases as the largest-ever consumer automotive settlement.
Health Care partner Linda Baumann was quoted extensively in Bloomberg BNA’s Health Care Fraud Report in an article on the potential repeal and overhaul of the Stark Law.
On June 28, Real Estate partner Tim Tosta spoke with the San Francisco Chronicle on the latest debate surrounding a tract of former industrial land in the Bay Area.
In the newly implemented Regulation Crowdfunding rules, the SEC identified intermediaries as the gatekeepers through which all investments must pass.
The SEC has just revolutionized private financing with Title III crowdfunding regulations implemented last month, opening the investment landscape to a relatively untapped market - nonaccredited investors - and harnessing the power of online advertising and social media.
Last week, Sarah Bruno joined International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Privacy Advisor editor Angelique Carson and Lourdes Turrecha to discuss her experiences in the privacy field.
International Arbitration partner Timothy Feighery spoke with Law360 after the Permanent Court of Arbitration rejected a challenge by Philip Morris to Australia's plain-packaging legislation for cigarettes.
Complex Litigation partner Barbara Wahl published an article with Law360 on the Sumner Redstone litigation, in which the California trial court decided that the media tycoon had sufficient mental capacity to decide who should exercise his health care directive. 
World IP Review recently spoke with Managing Partner Cristina Carvalho for a feature story on the firm’s Intellectual Property practice.
In an opinion piece recently published in Roll Call, Senior Policy Advisor Sen. Byron Dorgan references 28 pages in the 9/11 Commission’s Report that were labeled “Top Secret” by the Bush administration, suggesting that the content of these excluded pages should be made fully available to the Americ
On May 15, 60 Minutes featured two high-profile cases successfully defended by white collar partner Peter Zeidenberg involving Americans wrongly accused of espionage-related crimes.
Arent Fox Health Care partner Linda A. Baumann was quoted extensively in Bloomberg BNA’s Health Care Fraud Report in an article on recent concerns surrounding the Stark Law that prohibits physician self-referrals.
Partners Jacques Smith and David Greenberg spoke with AHLA Weekly after the US Supreme Court heard oral argument on April 19 in a major False Claims Act case that has far-reaching implications for the health care industry and other highly-regulated sectors reliant on government funding.
Arent Fox Intellectual Property Partner Jeff B. Vockrodt penned a recent article published in Law360 on the elevated importance of design patents in recent years and inter partes reviews.
San Francisco Managing Partner and Sports group leader Richard Brand recently spoke with the San Francisco Business Times about off-the-field moves that are turning major baseball teams, like the Giants, into financial power hitters inside and outside the game.
Automotive Practice Group leader and Los Angeles Managing Partner Aaron Jacoby was interviewed by Automotive News for a recent article, "When is a sale not really a sale?"
International trade practice group leader Kay Georgi recently spoke with Reuters to address a new US export restriction against a telecom manufacturer that is expected to have major implications across the global trade market.
Partner Peter Zeidenberg joined The Heat to discuss the cases of his clients Xi Xiaoxing and Sherry Chen with CCTV.
Automotive Practice Group Leader and Los Angeles Managing Partner Aaron Jacoby was interviewed by Automotive News for a recent article, “Used-car loophole for recalls tightens up.”
Partner Peter Zeidenberg’s latest client was featured by The New York Times after federal prosecutors in Philadelphia announced the indictment of five people, including two research scientists, on charges of stealing trade secrets for cancer treatment drugs from the British drug giant GlaxoSmithKlin
Bloomberg BNA recently asked partner Linda A. Baumann to analyze the healthcare fraud landscape for 2016 and discuss what providers can do to protect themselves.
Earlier this month, Arent Fox counsel James Westerlind published an article with Mealey's Emerging Insurance Disputes that details how cybersecurity risks are impacting insurance policies. 
Social media has changed the way companies engage with their market and created a new world of business opportunities through varied digital platforms.
Partner Linda Baumann and associate Hillary Stemple published an article with AHLA Weekly, The American Health Lawyers Association’s go-to journal, on best practices for staying compliant with the new requirements for overpayment returns.