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Arent Fox Wins Patent Infringement Case on Behalf of Sabinsa Corporation

WASHINGTON, DC — On March 28, Arent Fox obtained a $2.2 million judgment in a patent infringement suit for its client Sabinsa Corporation. The case was brought in 2014 against Olive Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd. in the US District Court for the District of New Jersey.

The judgment included treble damages because the court found that Olive had engaged in willful infringement and other wrongful conduct. In addition, the court found the case to be “exceptional” and awarded attorneys’ fees in the matter.

The court specifically ruled that Arent Fox had prepared a fee request in which “the fees and costs are well documented.” Indeed, the court further found that Arent Fox “did a commendable job of adjusting the time sheets to exclude any expenses specifically associated” with a related matter. As a result, the opinion states that “the Court will award fees and costs to Arent Fox LLP in the amount of $733,488.00.”

Arent Fox partner James H. Hulme and associates Taniel E. Anderson and Alton Hare represented Sabinsa.

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