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Bond & Tax-Exempt

Our bond finance practice focuses on the underlying borrowers and creditors in tax-advantaged financings and refinancings.

Accessing the tax exempt (and taxable) bond markets, our tax advantaged bond practice incorporates bond financing with tax credits and governmental incentives, where applicable, to structure low cost alternatives to finance capital improvement projects. Our practice is one of the largest bond practices in the country specifically focused on the underlying borrowers and creditors in bond financed transactions. Our understanding of the needs of both such parties helps us solve the problems that might otherwise cause a deal to falter. Arent Fox also represents bond underwriters and serves as bond counsel.

Our borrower clients include the full spectrum of nonprofit organizations and for-profit companies that are entitled to access low cost, tax-advantaged bond financing for their facilities. Our creditor clients include credit enhancers, mutual funds, distressed bond investors, and bond trustees on behalf of the bond holders representing such parties in structuring new financings and in refinancing or working out defaulted transactions.