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Health Privacy, Security & HIPAA

Keeping You Afloat Amidst A Rising Sea Of Regulations
As illustrated by news of security breaches that come to light almost weekly, health care providers are facing unprecedented cybersecurity and data protection issues. The ever-changing landscape of risks; federal, state, and local legislation; and multiple regulators and law enforcement agencies needs constant monitoring.

Our Focus

The myriad avenues to a security breach include medical devices, electronic health records, payment systems, and connections with patients’ outside vendors, as well as the increasing threat of ransomware attacks. 

Arent Fox has an experienced team of health privacy and security attorneys who counsel health care clients on all aspects of HIPAA and health privacy and security concerns. In fact, our team advised on the privacy and security of health information long before the final promulgation of the Privacy and Security Standards under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). 

We also represented clients before Congress and the US Department of Health and Human Services throughout the negotiations of the Administrative Simplifications Provisions of HIPAA and the crafting of the final regulations. In addition, we developed a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program that enables health care providers to implement the Federal Privacy Standards in a systematic and efficient manner.

Our Approach

Given the depth of our HIPAA experience, we are uniquely positioned to provide clients with comprehensive, cost-effective, and practical means to incorporate new HIPAA and HITECH requirements into existing compliance programs, assess their obligations under the new data breach notification requirements, and unravel the complex HIPAA issues that frequently arise in the context of clinical research. Clients facing a HIPAA enforcement action can turn to Arent Fox with confidence as our team was involved in the successful resolution of one of the largest HIPAA enforcement cases to date.

How We Help

  • Cyber Audits, privacy, and post-breach counseling
  • Government relations intelligence, advice, and advocacy
  • Technology agreements and cross border transfer issues
  • Strategic planning and internal protocols
  • Best practices, including incorporation of new HIPAA and HITECH requirements
  • HIPAA enforcement actions

Key Contacts