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Medical Staff Peer Review

Keeping You Afloat Amidst A Rising Sea Of Regulations
As members of a profession, physicians and other health care providers have long embraced an obligation to not only provide care that meets professional standards, but to evaluate and take steps to improve the practices of colleagues.

Our Focus

These professional undertakings provide the foundation for the credentialing, peer review, and quality improvement programs that are at the core of the modern medical staffing.

As a result of ever more demanding legal and accreditation standards, medical staffs have been assigned even more responsibility for — and are more accountable to — rigorous credentialing, meaningful peer review, and continuous steps toward quality improvement.

Our Work

We have been counsel of record in a number of precedent-setting appellate court decisions. Our experience and background allow us to educate medical staffs about their rights and responsibilities, and thereby assist them in reaching the “quality of care” goals that are vitally important to physicians, hospitals, and patients.

How We Help

  • Medical staff organization.
  • Governance and leadership.
  • Bylaws, rules, and policies.
  • Peer review and credentialing. 
  • Investigations, formal hearings, and governing body appellate reviews.
  • Practitioner well-being and behavior.
  • Allied health professionals.
  • Standards of The Joint Commission (TJC) on accreditation.
  • Accountable care organizations.
  • Physician and medical group employment and contracting.
  • Physician practice in ambulatory care settings.

Key Contacts