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Making Sure Your Possibilities Remain Limitless
The rules for environmental compliance, land use and product regulation have never been more complex. We help you steer clear of the regulatory, liability and litigation landmines.

Arent Fox provides counsel on a broad spectrum of environmental issues. Our focus includes traditional land use and pollution-related matters and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), and pesticide litigation and counseling, as well as product regulatory work at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), US Department of Agriculture (USDA), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for pesticides, consumer and industrial chemicals, and other conventional chemical products, enzymes, microbials, and products of biotechnology, nanotechnology, genome editing, and other emerging technologies. In addition, we handle environmental matters for our energy clients including work at the Department of Energy, USDA and EPA.

Our Work

Our work covers the regulatory and litigation areas of hazardous and solid waste management and cleanup, air and water pollution, workplace safety and health, insurance coverage, dangerous goods transportation and toxic torts, brownfields redevelopment, environmental justice, global environmental protection, and biotechnology and agro-sciences regulation. We also litigate full-scale jury trial multi party toxic tort suits and property damage cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Our Director of Regulatory Science, Dr. Robert Edwards, holds a Ph.D. in biochemistry and provides expert technical assistance in all environmental practice areas.

We also advise manufacturing, health services, and retail companies on compliance with federal regulations and international standards applicable to the commercial transportation of dangerous goods by truck, rail, and air.

Our representative work covers environmental issues ranging from California’s Proposition 65 litigation and genetically engineered seeds to energy regulation counseling and green building standards.

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