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In resolving a growing split among California courts, the California Supreme Court in ZB, N.A. v. Superior Court faced the issue of whether actions for unpaid wages under Labor Code section 558 brought under the Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”) could be compelled to arbitration.
Written by: Anthony Bento, Director of Legal Affairs - CNCDA
German prosecutors on Wednesday charged Rupert Stadler, former chief executive of the Audi luxury car division of Volkswagen, with fraud for the company’s role in a diesel emissions cheating scandal.
GM isn’t “Cruisin” into its autonomous life.
Will Toyota self-drive robot cars win the gold?
While the US data privacy landscape is rapidly changing, there appears to be some helpful news for the automotive industry. Notably, the auto industry may receive the benefit of being exempt from the impact of two of the more rigorous state privacy laws that have entered the legal landscape.
Swedish truckmaker AB Volvo’s first commercial autonomous truck deal shows how it is bundling services to generate revenue from a technology that is years away from wide deployment.
European startups have to plan for all (self-driving) conditions.
I’ll stream that show while I drive to work.
Even autonomous cars will be required to yield to pedestrians.
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently released updated data security guidance in connection with a proposed settlement with LightYear Dealer Technologies, LLC (dba DealerBuilt), a service provider for the auto dealer industry.
Volvo and Nvidia to become long-term friends.
Ford knows where to go to get the job done.
How not to fall asleep at the wheel – get your own cartoon buddy!
Arent Fox LLP is pleased to announce the launch of Managing Automotive Compliance, a regulatory, auditing, and consulting service that will help auto industry clients manage their regulatory needs.