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Anthony V. Lupo, Dana J. Finberg, Danielle W. Bulger, Sarah Alberstein
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) implemented a new regulation permitting low-volume automobile manufacturers to construct and sell limited numbers of replica vehicles, subject to intellectual property, safety, and configuration requirements.
Aaron H. Jacoby
Lyft has left the autonomous driving game...
Aaron H. Jacoby, George N. Koumbis, Justin A. Goldberg
Profits at AutoNation Inc and Lithia Motors jumped 61% and 33%, respectively, in the first quarter of 2021.
Victor P. Danhi, Gus N. Paras
The Ninth Circuit ruled on Thursday that a California retailer must pay its own legal fees in a state consumer protection lawsuit brought against it by the California Attorney General.
Aaron H. Jacoby, George N. Koumbis, Justin A. Goldberg
GM joins Ford and Toyota in hitting the pause button on production.
Amal U. Dave, Richard J. Krainin, Tal M. Unrad, Bryce W. Donohue, Justin A. Goldberg, Sung Soo (Steven) Yoon
On March 25, 2021, Congress passed the PPP Extension Act of 2021 (PPP Extension Act), to extend the application window for small businesses to apply for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans by an additional two months.
Aaron H. Jacoby, Justin A. Goldberg
On March 10, Congress passed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (Act), the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 relief bill.
Aaron H. Jacoby
Automakers are shifting to manufacturing electric vehicles - which could make up one-quarter of new sales by 2035. But at that point, only 13 percent of vehicles on the road would be electric. Why? Older cars can stick around for a decade or two.
Aaron H. Jacoby
Why is Japan so hesitant to plug into electric vehicles?
Aaron H. Jacoby
Automotive Group Leader Aaron Jacoby recently spoke with Automotive News about how more restrictive regulations and enhanced enforcement are likely on the horizon for the auto industry under President Joe Biden, which could have a significant impact on the nation's dealers.
Aaron H. Jacoby
Volvo Cars is fundamentally changing how and where to meet its customers, and will transform the current wholesale model by moving online and with strong customer relationships.
Aaron H. Jacoby
Automotive Group Leader Aaron Jacoby recently spoke with Automotive News about how going public via a SPAC could provide quick access to capital for a growing automotive group to buy more stores or pay down debt.
Marwa M. Hassoun*, David R. Hamill, David R. Hanke, Robert J. Ernest, Jessica DiPietro, John A. Gurtunca, Birgit Matthiesen, Kay C. Georgi
Changes are afoot for key industry sectors with complicated global supply chains.
Aaron H. Jacoby
The auto industry is going all-in on electric cars.
M. Scott Peeler, Lynn R. Fiorentino
We know that PPP borrowers of any amount need to be ready if the government comes knocking. Today we’ll talk about HOW to best prepare, especially if you will be applying for loan forgiveness.
Aaron H. Jacoby
General Motors is getting electrified!
Nicholas J. Nesgos, Lauren C. Schaefer
The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a decision by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) that FMCSA’s rest break regulations preempt the California meal and rest break rules (CA MRB Rules).
M. Scott Peeler, Lynn R. Fiorentino
The bottom line? Businesses and individuals who apply for aid must be prepared to defend their applications and/or use of aid.
M. Scott Peeler, Lynn R. Fiorentino
Earlier this week, the federal government reopened the Paycheck Protection Program – and emphasized a renewed focus on preventing fraud and abuse.
Amal U. Dave, Tal M. Unrad, Bryce W. Donohue, Justin A. Goldberg, Sung Soo (Steven) Yoon
The new guidance includes helpful information about additional ‘eligible costs’ for which PPP funds may be used.
Michael P. McMahan, Christopher T. Koenig
Arent Fox Automotive Group attorneys Michael McMahan and Christopher Koenig co-wrote an article for New Jersey Auto Retailer.
Aaron H. Jacoby
Automotive Group Leader Aaron Jacoby recently spoke with Law360 regarding how automakers and the developers behind autonomous vehicle software, hardware and other components are all eager for uniform safety metrics and targets.
Aaron H. Jacoby
The celebrated journalist and best-selling author of Tipping Point, Outliers, and Talking to Strangers talks about life after COVID-19.
Henry Morris, Jr., Michael L. Stevens, Linda M. Jackson
After months of debate, Congress has passed, and President Trump is expected to sign, a COVID-19 relief, appropriations, and tax bill. Doubtlessly, the Bill, which is nearly 6,000 pages long, will undergo much scrutiny and analysis over the ensuing days and weeks.