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In November, 2016, the FTC amended the Used Car Rule, and made significant changes to the Buyers Guide. The amended Rule required dealers to begin displaying the revised Buyers Guide beginning January 28, 2018.
Let’s have the “technical” pros handle this.
Now your groceries really can “magically” appear at your door.
It may take a bit longer to hail a “robo” taxi in Europe.
In order to win the race on the autonomous highway, German carmaker Audi AG has partnered with autonomous vehicle simulation platform provider Cognata Ltd to speed up the development of autonomous vehicles.
Ford heads all the way to Germany for a possible alliance.
You’ll need a plug for that. As Uber tries to build its reputation as a good citizen, it’s unveiling a new plan.
Why not join the club? Chinese online used-car platform Uxin Ltd. on Wednesday launched an initial public offering estimated to raise $437 million.
It’s time to pass the ball. Local transportation agency chiefs and researchers told a U.S. Senate panel Wednesday that the federal government’s lead on coordinating investment and fine-tuning regulations will be crucial to getting the nation’s highway infrastructure ready for connected and autonomou
If you are tired of simply racing cars in arcades, then this could be the job for you. Consumer surveys point to lingering public concerns about the safety of self-driving cars even as the technology launches this year with Waymo’s robot-taxi service in Phoenix.
California federal judge granted O’Reilly Auto Enterprises bid for partial summary judgment on an employee’s Private Attorneys General Act claim, finding her proposed wage-and-hour class action suit did not offer any evidence that O’Reilly violated state labor codes with respect to other workers.
Those taxi and Uber drivers will have some Olympic competition of their own! A self-driving car service could be on Tokyo’s public roads in time for the 2020 Olympics as Japan looks to drive investment in new technology to drive economic growth, according to a government strategic review announced.
Will we be hailing driverless cars sooner rather than later? California regulators have allowed self-driving cars to pick up ride-share passengers for the first time in the Golden State.
Say it isn't so! Tea leaves are notoriously imprecise when it comes to divining the future, but as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles CEO Sergio Marchionne has left us no other signs about what the next five years hold for the automaker he is about to leave, tea leaves will have to do.
Kon'nichiwa Motor City. Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp will invest $2.25 billion in General Motors Co’s autonomous vehicle unit Cruise, the companies said, a deal that validates the venerable Detroit automaker’s leadership in self-driving cars and sent GM shares up nearly 13 percent.
Well, it looks like Waymo and FCA US are getting along. Google affiliate Waymo will purchase up to 62,000 additional Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans from FCA US starting later this year to begin a national expansion of the company's public driverless ride-hailing fleet, the two companies said.
If you can’t beat them, join them!
Location, location, location. Mapping startup Mapbox Inc said it is teaming up with Microsoft Corp, Intel Corp and Softbank Group Corp’s ARM Holdings chip unit to deepen its push into providing maps for self-driving cars. Mapbox does not make a mapping app itself.
It’s not just planes and subs that will be unmanned. Detroit carmakers say autonomous vehicles will change transportation forever.
It’s not just planes and subs that will be unmanned. Detroit carmakers say autonomous vehicles will change transportation forever.
The checkered flag hasn’t come out yet, but in the race to start the world's first driving business without human drivers, everyone is chasing Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo.
On April 23, 2018 and May 10, 2018, Partner Russell McRory gave two presentations to automotive dealer counsel and dealer principals.
The dealers (and lenders) got a big win when the US House voted to strike down an Obama-era auto-lending safeguard a novel maneuver that consumer watchdogs warn could expose decades of federal regulation to the same fate.
Jump on the bandwagon and go for a ride …. Car makers BMW, General Motors, Ford and Renault are the big names behind a new group announced to explore the potential of the blockchain in the automotive and mobility space.