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Former Senator Byron Dorgan and Former Congressman Phil English Comment on Republican Tax Reform in Morning Consult

In the Morning Consult article “Republican Tax Overhaul Likely to Touch on Individual Provisions,” Republican plans to overhaul tax policies are discussed at length.

According to the article, Republicans will need to address changes in individual tax provisions because they’re aiming to help businesses that are taxed as individuals. During the election, the Republican platform focused largely on corporate tax rates. “Mr. Trump is clearly going to be interested in pushing something that deals with the individual side, and does so in a way that provides meaningful tax policy and tax relief, particularly for working families,” says former Congressman and Arent Fox senior government relations advisor Phil English. The challenge will be devising a growth-oriented package that does not increase the deficit. Former Senator Byron Dorgan and Arent Fox senior policy advisor Byron Dorgan insists that the corporate focus may not play well with voters. “Take a look at Trump’s cabinet and ask whether there’s any strain of populism there,” he adds.

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