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How Millennials Will Change Health Care IT

New York attorneys Bill Tanenbaum and Randall Stempler published an article in Healthcare Business & Technology that explores how millennials view healthcare IT and more specifically, their concerns with the fragmented nature of medical online systems, and data security.

According to Bill and Randall, many millennials feel as though they do not need a single doctor as the only source for medical attention. They are comfortable with going to several doctors for their medical needs. This being the case, PHI is shared externally between multiple doctors and healthcare providers. With all the external sharing of PHI, privacy becomes in issue in deciding which medic gets what information and why. Bill and Randall write that the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the healthcare field will improve the industry’s ability to decipher what doctor gets what information and why.

A fragmented online experience is another issue that millennials have with current healthcare online systems. For example, Millennials found that filling out the same information on several forms for different doctors as frustrating and inefficient. They see a more advanced and user-friendly online system or portal as a solution to the problem. Bill and Randall also see a move to smartphone apps as a way improve the fragmented system.   

For Millennials, the combination of shared PHI and fragmented online experience gives way to serious data security concerns. However, Bill and Randall are confident in the advancement of healthcare technology; “Healthcare IT will improve portals used by hospitals and doctors, and will implement technology that introduces better privacy protection…Millennials will improve healthcare IT by driving the increased use of AI, eliminating fragmentation and adding functionality to patient-facing IT systems”.   

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