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Jay Hulme Makes a Defense for the Electoral College on C-SPAN

Arent Fox litigation partner James Hulme was a guest on C-SPAN on Monday, December 19 to talk about the recent calls to end the country’s reliance on the Electoral College when determining the outcome of US presidential elections and instead base results on the popular vote.

Jay was joined by John Koza, the founder of National Popular Vote, Inc. a non-profit whose specific purpose is to study, analyze, and educate the public on its proposal to implement a nationwide popular election of the President of the United States.

Following the election, Jay co-authored an article published in The Washington Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer in defense of the Electoral College. The article lays out the history of the electoral college, from its original design by James Madison at the constitutional convention, to the landmark election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, to the most recent election. Jay and his co-author, a Gettysburg College professor and leading Lincoln scholar, argue that the electoral college had nothing to do with the preservation of slavery, as some have argued.

Jay warned that doing away with the electoral college is an inherent component of our federal government structure and would undermine the federal system on which the country was founded. For a link to the C-SPAN interview, click here. To read the Washington Post article, click here.


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