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Automotive practice group chair, Aaron Jacoby recently spoke with San Fernando Valley Business Journal about several topics pertaining to autonomous vehicles, including how a small company located in Northridge, CA is developing a “black box” for the autonomous or driverless vehicle market.
In the midst of a tense political climate, Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) announced his retirement today in a poignant speech on the Senate floor, making him the second Republican senator to make such an announcement in recent weeks.
Representative Pat Tiberi (R-OH) is the seventh GOP Congressman on the House Ways and Means Committee to announce retirement in recent months. According to the article, there are two possible explanations for the recently announced departures.
Representative Pat Tiberi (R-OH) is the most recent Republican who has announced he will not seek another term and will instead move to the private sector. He is the seventh member of the House Ways and Means Committee to make such an announcement, with four (including Tiberi) retiring and three lea
When the National Bioengineered Food Disclosure Standard was signed into law last year, it represented the culmination of an extended period of regulatory and legislative activity on food labeling issues.
New York attorney Eric Biderman was mentioned in an article by the American Express Open Forum regarding new cybersecurity tools that business should be aware of. In honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month, the article discusses 5 new cybersecurity tools for businesses to take advantage of.
On October 11, New York attorney Cesar Francia was featured in #NBCLatino20 which honors achievers who strive to make our communities and our nation a better place.
Automotive practice group chair Aaron Jacoby recently spoke with Automotive News about how fraud is becoming more sophisticated, organized, and difficult to track for dealerships and lenders.
New York attorney Eric Biderman was recently mentioned in an article by The Deal that discusses the extension small covered entities will get to file limited exemption notices to meet the new New York Department of Financial Services’ cybersecurity rules.
New York attorney Eric Biderman recently spoke with The Deal about an article regarding Florida’s new settlement law. While the new law has been praised by the market’s largest trade group as a victory for consumers, many believe that it may actually be hurting the market.
International and Complex Litigation partner Malcolm McNeil was recently appointed for another five-year term to the Beijing International Arbitration Commission.
Health care providers increasingly seek advice from attorneys on navigating the distinct forms of self-disclosure to government agencies for regulatory missteps.
The year 1986 was the last time meaningful tax reform happened in recent US history. Arent Fox senior policy advisor and former Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) was on the House Ways and Means Committee at that time.
New York attorney Eric Biderman was quoted in an article by Reactions Magazine on the relationship between insurtech innovators and regulators.
Tax reform is a largely debated item on the agenda of both the White House and Congress this year. Former Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) spoke to CNBC’s Closing Bell on the topic on September 21.
Morning Consult recently conducted a poll for the Bloomberg Global Business Forum asking Americans for their reaction to free trade expansion. According to the results, more than half (52%) of those polled said they support the expansion of international free trade while 25% opposed it.
Tax reform has been a popular topic of discussion since the current administration took office. Arent Fox senior policy advisor Senator Byron Dorgan played a pivotal role the last time major tax reform was negotiated in 1986.
Complex Litigation partner, Linda Jackson, was interviewed for an article titled, “OFCCP Awarded Access to Some Personal Contact Information at Google.”
New York attorney Eric Biderman was recently mentioned in an article by The Deal that discusses the implementation of new cybersecurity rules promulgated by the New York Department of Financial Services. 
Legislation is moving forward that could potentially ease the penalties associated with alleged violations of the physician self-referral (Stark) law.
Arent Fox partner and national leader of the Health Care group Lowell Brown was quoted in the Modern Healthcare article, “C-suite pay raises target transformational healthcare leaders,” on executive compensation among health systems.
Arent Fox senior government relations advisor and former Congressman Phil English was quoted in The Wall Street Journal article, “Charities Coax Lawmakers to Rethink Tax Plan,” on the potential impact that GOP tax reform may have on the nonprofit industry.
Arent Fox former Senator and Congressman, respectively, discussed a newly released report that shows the benefits of group purchasing organizations on the cost of health care.
International Trade leader Kay Georgi spoke to Washington Lawyer about the impact the Trump Administration is having on companies with international supply chains.