Arent Fox Government Relations co-chair and former Congressman Phil English discussed President Donald Trump’s tax plan during the lead-up to its formal unveiling in The Politico.
Partner Robert Carrol was recently interviewed by Human Resource Executive following the National Labor Relations Board’s recent ruling that Verizon Wireless Inc. maintained numerous handbook rules that were too restrictive on employee communications and behavior.
On April 11, 2017, Senator Byron Dorgan, a Senior Policy Advisor at Arent Fox  appeared on the Closing Bell on Fox Business News along with former Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH) to discuss how upcoming tax reform efforts in Congress may play out I the coming weeks and months.
On April 14, 2017, former Representative Phil English (R-PA), now a senior government relations advisor at Arent Fox, expressed his opinion about the current political climate surrounding tax reform and the international movement to call for President Trump’s tax returns.
In an effort to streamline the process for self-disclosing Stark Law violations, the government has introduced several new forms that must be used for any disclosure as of June 1, 2017.
On April 5, New York attorneys James Westerlind and Andrew Dykens were interviewed by Health Law Daily.
Former Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) and former Representative Phil English (R-PA) currently work as an Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor and a Senior Government Relations Advisor, respectively.
Peter Zeidenberg, a partner in Arent Fox’s White Collar & Investigations practice, was quoted in an article published March 31 in The Washington Post about former national security advisor Michael Flynn’s offer to cooperate with congressional investigators in exchange for immunity from prosecution.
New York attorney Eric Biderman was recently mentioned in an article by The Deal that discusses the new New York cybersecurity rules meant to “prevent the hacking of consumers’ private financial information.”
As the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA) is not currently an option, the GOP leaders in conjunction with the White House are turning their attention to the next major agenda item: tax reform.
Last week, the news focused heavily on the proposed American Health Care Act (ACHA) bill as it headed for a vote in the House of Representatives.
Arent Fox Intellectual Property Partner Jeff B. Vockrodt and Associate Christopher H. Yaen penned a recent article published in Law360 on the recent practice of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board with respect to the rejection of claims for being in “improper Markush” format.
Senator Dorgan (D-ND), now an Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor, is a former member of the House Ways and Means committee. He recently wrote an op-ed for The Hill about how in his experience tax reform comes to fruition.
An article published March 15 in Forbes discussed two recent roundtable conversations addressing the threat of tweets and internet crisis with Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor Senator Byron Dorgan and IP Partner Pamela Deese.
New York partner Elliott Kroll was recently quoted in an article by Business Insurance that explores the impact of eliminating or revising certain provisions of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Protection Act.
In the opinion article “The 1 Thing Every Tax Proposal Needs” recently published by The Hill, former Representative and current Arent Fox Senior Government Relations Advisor Phil English maintains that the one provision every tax proposal needs is expensing.
Vox recently interviewed Arent Fox Senior Policy Advisor and former Senator Byron Dorgan on how eliminating “lifetime limits” in health insurance policies became a part of the Affordable Care Act.
The Law360 article “5 Key Takeaways From Trump's ACA Stabilizer Rule” discusses the Trump Administration’s plan to stabilize the Affordable Care Act (ACA) markets by easing oversight of provider networks and limiting enrollment periods.
Arent Fox senior policy advisor and former Senator Byron Dorgan (D-ND) appeared on MSNBC along with former Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) to discuss division in America in light of the Trump Administration with Greta Van Susteren.
Los Angeles Labor & Employment Partner Mark Phillips authored an article in the February 14, 2017 edition of Employee Benefit News titled “Views How Supreme Court Justice Gorsuch could affect employers.”
In BC Law School Magazine’s winter edition, author Chad Konecky recounts the story of two Chinese American scientists accused of espionage by the US government. Peter Zeidenberg, a partner in Arent Fox's White Collar & Investigations practice, represented the scientists in both cases.
New York attorneys Bill Tanenbaum and Randall Stempler published an article in Healthcare Business & Technology that explores how millennials view healthcare IT and more specifically, their concerns with the fragmented nature of medical online systems, and data security.
A recent Bloomberg BNA article in the Health Care Daily Report “Former Tenet Executive Indicted in $400M Medicaid Kickback Scheme” describes an ongoing prosecution against a health care industry ex-executive.
New York partner Michelle Marsh was recently quoted in an article by Inside Counsel that explores the trademark infringement lawsuits associated with the Oscars. 
The recent Bloomberg BNA article in both the Health Care Daily Report and Medicare Report “Health Fraud Rule Withdrawal May Hurt Enforcement Efforts” discussed how fraud enforcement efforts in the health care industry may be hindered by the Trump Administration.