Political Law

Arent Fox counsels a diverse group of corporate, governmental, quasi-governmental, political, and association clients on federal and state election law and tax and communications laws. Political and nonprofit law professionals advise candidates, officeholders, PACs, nonprofits, and corporations on election, ethics, and lobbying laws.

Election law has become one of the fastest-growing, most widely scrutinized and hotly contested areas of the law over the last decade.

This increasing complexity should not, however, dissuade individuals, candidates, corporations and non-profits from becoming involved in the political process. Instead, they need to engage a highly experienced counsel to navigate these laws so they can join the debate, defend the investigation or win the election.

Our Team

Craig Engle is the founder of the Arent Fox Political Law Practice and has 30 years of experience in advising clients involved in politics, issue advocacy, elections and government operations. Craig is one of the most senior election lawyers in the United States and has personally supervised the banking and reporting of over $300 million in political contributions and expenditures. The Political Law team includes attorneys experienced in campaigns and elections, non-profits, litigation, municipal law, corporate, communications, and advertising and is integrated with the Government Relations practice.

The Political Law practice is internationally recognized for experienced innovatation in campaigns, elections, and public policy law.

Our Work

  • Creating and managing Super PACs, corporations and non-profits involved in issues and elections;
  • Working with members of Congress, candidates, corporations, political committees, high-net-worth individuals, non-profits, state, local and foreign governments and government contractors on laws involving public policy, lobbying, campaign finance and tax laws;
  • Writing Supreme Court amicus briefs on First Amendment campaign finance issues; and
  • Working with media firms, financial institutions, high-tech and social media companies designing innovative fundraising and communications technologies.

Our Approach

Whether it is negotiating contracts, designing advertisements, or creating social media platforms, the goal of the Arent Fox Political Law practice is to help clients stay ahead of their competition, comply with the law, and win.

Our team has won numerous advisory ppinions and enforcement cases at the Federal Election Commission (FEC), and successfully defended high-profile targets before the IRS, DOJ, and in state or Congressional investigations. The practice’s clients include presidential candidates, Fortune 500 companies, members of Congress, founders of political committees and advocacy organizations, municipal and special-district governments, foreign countries, government contractors and nationally known non-profits and issue advocacy groups and celebrities.

Key Contacts