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Tarukino Launches Cannabis-Infused Beverages

Last week, Tarukino, Inc., a Seattle, WA based beverage company, announced the launch of six cannabis-infused beverage products, which the Washington State Liquor Control Board had recently approved for marketing in the state. Tarukino’s introduction of the new cannabis-infused beverages adds to the growing market of cannabis “consumables,” which, for the most part, are traditional foods to which cannabis has been added.

We recently reported on major alcohol distributor, Constellation Brands, entering the cannabis market.

In announcing the new beverages, Tarukino CEO Howard Lee noted that the new beverage products are intended to show both members of the cannabis industry and consumers that, when it comes to consuming cannabis, there are now quality edible products in the marketplace that provide a great alternative to smoking by allowing consumers to avoid the smell and taste of cannabis associated with its use, which may often times be preferable in social settings.

Tarukino is a well-established beverage company that uses its own proprietary technology to produce a water soluble, taste-free, and odor-free cannabis-infused emulsion that is used to formulate finished beverage products that can be marketed for both medical and recreational consumer use. The company plans to initially market its new beverage product in the state of Washington. However, long-term, Tarukino plans to expand marketing to the growing number of states that have legalized cannabis for medical and/or recreational use.

Tarukino’s introduction of these new beverage products is further indication of the growing US market for both medical and recreational cannabis products. Such growth is continuing despite the current uncertainty over whether the federal government will step in to modify its laws and regulations that currently restrict the marketing of cannabis nationally or whether the federal government will instead choose to “crack down” further on the sale of recreational cannabis products to consumers at some point in the future.

Arent Fox's Alcohol Beverage and Cannabis groups will continue to monitor developments involving state and federal regulation of medical and recreational use cannabis products. 


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