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Former Congressman Phil English Weighs in President-elect Trump’s Trade Advisers

The Morning Consult article “Firewall of Advisers May Insulate Trump From Administration’s Trade Supporters” discusses the three major trade-relations positions and the choices for each role in the incoming Trump Administration – Wilbur Ross for Secretary of Commerce, Peter Navarro for National Trade Council Director, and Robert Lighthizer for US Trade Representative.

Both Ross and Navarro have laid out views to propose halting new trade agreements and renegotiating old ones, breaking from traditional Republican stances on free trade.  Lighthizer’s manufacturing-focused trade policy view closely mirrors Navarro’s. All three of these trade officials could insulate Trump from the pro-free trade advice he might hear from other Administration officials. Ross could be the public face for the Trump Administration’s trade policy while Lighthizer would complement Ross as a “technician,” said former Representative and current Arent Fox government relations co-chair Phil English.

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